dimecres, 19 d’octubre de 2011


Kiwi live in New Zealand, is a small night animal. It has not wings but has feathers. It can not fly.
Kiwi lay eggs. Female can lay minimun one egg. Kiwi’s size is like a hen.
It has small eyes and a large peak for eat caterpllars, worms and fruits. It nouse is in the end of it peak. It is a shy animal and has diferent predators: cats, dogs and ferrets.

By Neus i Samira from Escola El Puig


kiwi is a bird and I am a human person.
kiwi live in New Zeland and I live in Prullans, Catalunya.
kiwi and I haven't wings.
kiwi is small and I am not small.
kiwi lay eggs and I can't lay eggs, I have babies.
kiwi and I have not feathers.
kiwi has fur and I have skin and fur.
kiwi has beak and I have not beak, I have mouth.
kiwi and I have two legs.

By Naila from Escola El Puig